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 atnavati lived with her life partner Sudhakar on the banks of the stream Kaveri. They were steadfast admirers of Shiva. Two or three years after they married, Ratnavati got pregnant. The couple were outstandingly content with the news. Ratnavati's people, who lived on the contrary side of the stream, were in like manner merry. Ratnavati's mother promised her that she would go to her home when she passed on the kid. 

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Months passed. Ratnavati could distinguish that the kid would be brought into the world in the accompanying relatively few days. She established a connection with her mother to come soon. At that point, Sudhakar got called out of the town on some squeezing work. In any case, he was worried about his loved one. Ratnavati promised him that her mother would show up soon to manage her. Sudhakar left the town reluctantly, reassuring Ratnavati that he would be back soon. 

That evening it started descending overwhelmingly. The water level of the stream started rising. All of a sudden, Ratnavati felt an anguish in her stomach. She understood she wanted to consider a posterity any second. She was in detachment at home. Her life partner was away and her mother had not now appeared. 

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She intensely engaged Lord Shiva to send some help. Precisely by then, her mother walked around. She accepted her daughter and mentioned that she loosen up. She promptly coordinated a couple of pads to make Ratnavati pleasing. In a little while, Ratnavati passed on the newborn child. Her mother held her hand all through, calming her. At the point when the baby was imagined, Ratnavati was exhausted so much that she rested serenely. The specific inverse thing she saw was her mother wrapping the new imagined newborn child up thick covers. 

Right when she opened her eyes, she saw her mother walking around the house. 

"My young person, are you acceptable?" asked her mother fretfully. 

"Clearly, I'm alright mother. You came in at the advantageous time. I can't resist the urge to consider what may have happened if you were not here close by me," said Ratnavati. 

Her mother looked stunned. "What? The baby is currently imagined! In addition, you say I was close to you! How is it possible that that would be? I came seconds prior!" 

"What are you talking about? You held my hand the whole time. Furthermore, a short time later you wrapped the child up the cover," said Ratnavati. 

Her mother looked at the help nearby. Without a doubt, she could see a child resting tranquilly encased by covers.

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"I really haven't the foggiest what to say. I have as of late walked around. The stream was flooded, and no boatman was set up to take me to the following shore. I held up until morning. I could get over exactly when the deluge had ended," said Ratnavati's mother. 

Ratnavati was in a stun, "You couldn't come. Anyway I was helped by you… " 

"Shiva!" she yelled. she said joining her hands in hello, obliterates streaming her cheeks. "Thayum anavar!" she yelled out. (Anavar infers the individual who came, thayum implies 'as mother' 

Now, Sudhakar unreasonably had returned. All of them engaged Thayumanavar Shiva — Shiva who came as mother. Subsequently, an asylum came up to regard Thayumanavar Shiva. This asylum can be seen at the base of Rock Fort in Tiruchinapalli, Tamil Nadu.